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Amour London is a men and womenswear brand based in the UK, offering luxury casual wear at accessible price points.

The Brand

Amour London’s entire ethos was based around reimagining the most humble parts of your wardrobe. The brand’s core values, feel and overall consistency however, was falling far behind the product the company were delivering.

In an industry saturated with budget competitors such as primark, why would anybody purchase a plain white t-shirt for £30? These kinds of brands have excelled during the global economic downturn and the Amour brand would need to completely change people’s prejudices and preconceptions around what a staple wardrobe item should cost.

At this point the company were achieving only a modest monthly turnover. Their website conversion rate fluctuated between 1.4% and 1.9% and their social media accounts received the kind of traffic akin to an average personal account.

The Research

We quickly discovered the source of the company’s brand disruption. Stakeholders, Management and Ground-Level staff all gave massively different accounts of where they thought the company were aiming, and the reasons they were headed in that direction. This would be our first port of call. Moreover, current customers were also not having the desired values conveyed to them. This was having drastic effects on brand positioning especially when compared to the brand’s current internal brand position statement. Without these basic understandings and principles in place, it was impossible for the brand to ever achieve the desired goals.

The R3brand

Having presented our findings to the client, we suggested the following services;

  • Research (Already Obtained and some post-launch)
  • Strategy
  • Brand Value Creation
  • Brand Visual Identity Creation
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Copywriting
  • Internal Corporate Collateral
  • Website Design incl. New Shipping System through CMS
  • Photography
  • Videography

The Results

Since launch the first extremely apparent result was the internal attitude and cohesion. Our investigation and workshops had unified the entire workforce and aligned everybody’s ideas but also drive to position the brand where it needed to be. The new brand had a clear direction, allowing every member of staff to react more concisely and faster to any issues they may face. Externally, post-launch research suggests existing customers and those new to the brand were a part of the target audience outlined in the brand positioning statement we had compiled in an earlier workshop.

As of February 2016 the company reports an astonishing turnover increase of over 950%, website conversion rate has averaged out at around 3% and fluctuates as high as 5% during promotional periods. The shipping system built into the CMS has also relieved a member of warehouse staff of 6 hours of work per day, effectively saving £19,000 per annum. Social media accounts now boast upwards of 100,000 followers.

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